Is this thought helpful?

I was walking in the park close to where I live one evening not too long ago and as the gazebo was empty, I decided to sit there for a while and meditate. I played a meditation from the Simple Habit app that was a part of the Thought Detox series by Kelly Werner.

In the meditation, I was asked to think about an area of my life where I fell stuck in, and pay attention to the thoughts that I was having based on that. Essentially, I had to immerse myself in the negativity that had been brewing inside of me. Then, I had to ask myself a simple question: “Is this thought helpful?”

Sure, it was not. I was stewing on it, engulfing myself in a weak state, in a victim mindset. It was fueling my false limiting beliefs that I had previously constructed around me. It was highlighting my weaknesses and my mistakes.

I was instructed to let that thought go, because it was not helpful and there was no use in holding on to it.

We all constantly keep thinking things and going through thoughts that keep us away from our light. We keep evaluating our mistakes, envisioning worst case scenarios, replaying moments of hurt and regret, and get stuck in the negative loop. Instead, we can choose to become aware of them and let them go.

Rather than focusing on unhelpful thoughts, we can pay attention to the helpful ones that arrive in our consciousness.

As we experience thoughts that are helpful, we feel uplifted and inspired to celebrate our strengths, and affirm to ourselves that we are winners and victors, not victims. We feel a reassurance inside us that we can find solutions to the problem that we’re currently facing.

If a thought is not serving you, get rid of it. That’s the only way to protect our positivity, our strength and our appreciation towards who we are and getting in touch with love and aligning ourselves to our Inner Being, our true self.

As you go through your days, as thoughts pop in your head, ask yourself this straightforward question repeatedly: Is this thought helpful?