it’s all about getting up again

If you’re on your way to achieving something significant and meaningful, then you have to make peace with the fact that encountering obstacles, failures and setbacks is inevitable. This is what you signed up for. The path of success is not for the faint-hearted.

But here’s the good news: those obstacles help you identify opportunities, those failures bring invaluable lessons with them, and those setbacks make you better and stronger. They help you know what works and what doesn’t and thus equip you to adjust your sails. 

What separates the most successful people from the rest of the herd is that they are highly persistent. No matter how many times they fall, they commit themselves to never giving up and rising again. 

In her book New York Times best-selling book Grit, Angela Duckworth writes, “Grit depends on a different kind of hope. It rests on the expectation that our own efforts can improve our future. ‘I have a feeling tomorrow’ will be better is different from ‘I resolve to make tomorrow better.’ The hope that gritty people have has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with getting up again.”

Commit to accomplishing your BHAGs no matter what. As Jim Rohn once pointed out in his speech, let “until” become your magic word. Keep persisting, keep going after your goals relentlessly until you achieve them, until you emerge as a victor. If you’ve not won yet, the game is still on!