it's human to seek pleasure

it's human to seek pleasure

In Hindu Mythology, when God created men and women, He set out the rules of existence with respect to three core ideas – dharma: to fulfill one’s duty, artha: to accumulate wealth of material possessions, and kama: to gain pleasure through the five senses. 

Many people think that seeking pleasure is not a worthy goal, but the Kama Sutra explains that enjoying the sensory pleasures such as having sex or enjoying a great meal is natural and necessary, especially since they’re a result or byproduct of following the first two rules, dharma and artha. Pleasure does have its pitfalls, and enjoying it in moderation requires a good amount of self-control. But we also need to understand that pleasure can’t be ignored as it’s a natural part of our existence, especially when we’re afraid that it may cost us the most vital resources and forces of life. 

While people give importance to dharma and artha, they don’t pay attention to kama and the study of pleasure. Instead of feeling shame and guilt over sex, we need to understand that it’s natural. Humans are driven to seek food and sex, so why should we judge this desire? It’s in our biology, it’s our nature and if we see it in a different light, a privilege that we get to experience these priceless pleasures. Hence, it’s our duty to learn to enjoy it as best we can.

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