it’s never too late

Whenever someone tells you that it’s too late for you to do something, don’t listen to them. Don’t let their discouraging words hit you, your mind and your heart.

Instead, go all in. You have your own trajectory of growth, your own unique journey that only you are a part of, not anyone else. Stay away from the trap of comparison. Sure, many people would have got into something way before you, but that doesn’t tell anything about you. Trust the timing, may be you were not ready in the past and now you are.

We discover our truths and our abilities at the right time when we are ready. Maybe we were still being sculpted and shaped by our experiences in order to become receptive to the invitation of this new journey. Maybe now is the time when we can hear a passion calling to us clearly.

We need to understand that all of us have our own distinct way of processing things. It’s okay to take things at our own pace without feeling judged by others or by ourselves. There’s never a good reason to doubt yourself.

We can listen to others but not let their opinions and criticism affect us. We must trust that everything is on schedule.

Never get bogged down when you think you’re arriving late and you see the crowd gathered before you. Be grateful that you’ve finally arrived where you belong (at this moment of time).

Trust your insights and instincts and don’t pay attention to the staring eyes, instead draw it towards the people who are happy to embrace you and are celebrating your arrival.

Focus on creation, not competition, on camaraderie, not criticism, and be glad that a new journey has just got started for you and there’s so much out there for you to explore.