it’s not a treasure hunt

We spend our lifetimes chasing one thing after another. It’s like we’re in a treasure hunt. We are unhappy and dissatisfied until we reach our destination, and once we get there, we are tempted to get to another place and the same cycle keeps repeating.

The world we live in does a good job of enticing us to embark on these treasure hunts. And we start living in a daze most of our lives. We keep finding happiness, joy and success outside, and we are all running around to grab these treasures. We compete, take shortcuts, and get desperate and anxious in the process.

Life’s not a treasure hunt — it’s a false paradigm to operate from. The real treasures are inside us, the pursuits that we all think are worthwhile are actually distractions keeping us away from our true path. As Eckhart Tolle says, “You have a treasure within you that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.”

Our happiness, joy, and success are within us, we just need to find ways to tap into them. Along with them, we have the most precious treasures — our time and attention — always with us; our primary job is simply to protect them from the digital predators that want to prey on them.

We are rich and our true treasures are within us. We just have to seek avenues that help us realize this timeless truth.

Don’t hunt or get hunted. Walk on your own path and live your own truth.