it’s okay to spend some time alone

These are times when couples have spent more consecutive time together than over the course of their entire relationships. This can be both good and bad. 

One thing that can help your relationship thrive under these uncommon circumstances is to understand that you don’t have to feel guilty or afraid to spend time alone. 

A majority of couples often confuse being together with being connected. Being together all the time is bad, being connected is good. The drive to be together with someone physically is a manifestation of attachment, and attachment is not the same as connection.

You can still be connected with your partner when you spend some time apart. And this is incredibly important if one or both people in the relationship are introverts.

Spending time alone is healthy, both for each person and the relationship. Time apart allows a person to pursue personal growth, to engage in meaningful hobbies and activities, to communicate with other important people in their life, to embrace their spiritual sides, and to gain more clarity and perspective on why they value and appreciate their significant others. 

Too much time together may lead to exhaustion, negativity, resentment and emotional claustrophobia. 

French composer Claude Debussy once said, “Music is the space between the notes.” If you want to bring more harmony and melody in your relationship with your partner, you’ll have to bring more spaces within it.   

The best thing that you can do for your significant other and your relationship is to find moments of stillness that both enrich and nourish you. Spend some time reading while your partner is cooking dinner. Go for a walk while your partner is doing yoga or a home workout. Listen to a guided meditation while your partner is doing some craftwork.

Find meaningful things and activities that work for both you and your partner and help you make your best contribution to your unique relationship. 

Don’t worry about being apart. Spending time alone can actually be a blessing and help your relationship thrive and take it to the next level, especially when you’re stuck together because of a lockdown.