it’s okay to splurge on important things

it’s okay to splurge on important things

If you don’t write a budget before the start of every month and spend your money unconsciously, money will easily escape from the grasp of your hands. Small, insignificant amounts like delivery charges for groceries and meals that we could easily pick up in person, and unused subscriptions and memberships compound over time without our knowledge and drain our bank accounts with zero benefits. Instead, we can be intentional about our money and put our wasted dollars and cents to good use. For instance, we can dedicate a certain amount of money towards saving or paying for things that enhance our mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual well-being.

It’s okay to splurge on things that matter greatly to you. Think about the kind of things and resources that you can invest in. Think about where you spend most of your daily energy, attention and time and direct a planned amount of money towards a problem that you’re facing. If you sit at your desk for hours at length and think a new (but slightly expensive) ergonomic chair can help you ease that lower back pain, then go ahead and buy it as it can greatly improve your health and the quality of your life. If your yoga mat is falling apart, and if you think buying a new one, along with a new meditation pillow, will enhance your daily yoga and fitness practice, then paying for a high-quality mat and pillow is totally worth it! The same applies for buying a new piece of software that could increase your efficiency and make your professional life easier and effortless. 

We all have our own unique splurge-worthy purchases, so make sure that whatever you buy adds great value and convenience to you and fulfils your specific needs based on your individual habits and lifestyle. It’s perfectly fine to loosen up a bit now and then and spend on things that can bring real and concrete improvements in your day-to-day life. 

Here’s the bottom line: Buy high-quality, expensive things and tools that can help you elevate your personal and professional life, but make sure that you stick to your budget and don’t go overboard. Make your happiness and well-being a priority but also stay away from unconscious spending and consumer debt.