just give value

An important success principle that we can all follow in our lives is: “Just give value”. 

It doesn’t matter who or what the source is. We can all focus on providing as much value as we can and be okay with letting let others win in the process. 

From our childhood days, we all come across competition whether it be in the classroom, on the stage or in the playground. Later in life, we compete for admissions, scholarships and educational benefits, careers and promotions. In this pursuit, because we are humans and are wired to compete, we end up cultivating a mindset of trying to “one-up” others and shine whenever we can. 

But true high-achievers distance themselves away from this incessant competition and help others win. This, in fact, positively impacts the speed of results they experience, increasing their success exponentially. 

For example, next time when you’re in a group setting, maybe you’re delivering a presentation or giving a lecture, encourage input from others. And when someone says something valuable, be open to letting them have the spotlight. Compliment them for their wonderful idea, and encourage them to share more. When you do this, you create a triple win situation: a win for the other person because we let them shine, a win for the people in the room as they get exposed to valuable input from someone other than you, and a win for yourself because you gained trust, respect, and admiration by letting someone else shine.

You can do the same online as well by sharing meaningful content and products, delivered by your mentors and other people you admire, with your friends and followers again creating a triple-win situation for everyone. 

We must bring an abundance mindset in our journey of attracting extraordinary success. The more we are secure and comfortable with letting others win, the more we end up winning in life. If we want to join the elite, have great things in our life, and continuously get amazing results, it’s important that we practice this philosophy. As the famous Zig Ziglar quote goes, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”