key insights on developing an abundance mindset (2/3)

key insights on developing an abundance mindset (2/3)

On getting rid of limiting beliefs

  • In reality, we do not even know our capabilities. We start believing what other people think of us and trusting their perceptions. Instead, we need to ignore those voices, become aware of our potential, and create a healthy self-image.
  • Many people don’t go on the path of fulfilling their destiny, and the only reason is they think they can’t do it. There is an invisible force stopping them.
  • Limiting beliefs lead us to victimhood, and we start cultivating the mindset that things happen to us rather than believing that things actually happen for us.
  • We need to examine the nature of our limiting beliefs and put them under the microscope. Once we become aware of our mental barriers, we can come up with plans and strategies to overcome them. As human beings, we’re capable of achieving anything that we put our minds to.
  • We have to challenge our limiting beliefs and know that if we are in an unfortunate state right now, it won’t last forever. Life is a series of constant changes and nothing is permanent.
  • When we experience limiting beliefs, we block the channel through which we receive the things that we desire. 
  • You must change your thoughts and have the firm belief that anything is possible. 
  • Our current circumstances and outcomes do not define us. When you become a superior achiever and a humanitarian, a Karma Yogi who is focused on doing right actions on a daily basis, slowly but surely, you end up shattering your limiting beliefs. 
  • With open-mindedness and believing that you can manifest the abundance that you seek in your life, you begin to prepare yourself to receive those things rather than believing that your life will never change.

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On focus and clarity

  • Attracting abundance is all about honing our focus. We need to realize and identify the areas in which we’re experiencing lack and get dialed in with what true abundance means to us in those areas.
  • If we keep playing the ‘comparison and competition’ game, even though we have plenty for ourselves, we will still have a poverty consciousness. 
  • Once you put your mind to a specific goal and practice focus, abundance is inevitable. The key here is to experience abundance in your thoughts irrespective of your current situation and work on increasing your vibrational currency even though things have still not manifested in your life.