key insights on developing an abundance mindset (3/3)

key insights on developing an abundance mindset (3/3)

On cultivating gratitude and appreciation

  • When we are in a state of gratitude, we feel content and satisfied with what we have. This emotional state fuels abundance. 
  • When we keep complaining that things are not working out for us and we don’t get what we want in life, it gives rise to a lack mindset.
  • In order to attract abundance in our lives, the first step that we need to take is to be grateful for what we have now. Instead of complaining about the lack of money, resources, and amenities around us, we need to appreciate what we do have in our lives. 
  •  If someone has achieved more success than you, do not be disappointed about that but rather get inspired and learn from that person.
  • Believe in abundance and the fact that great things are coming your way as well. Believe that if you keep taking action and learning lessons, you will achieve results and be at the same level soon in the near future.
  • Gratitude is the key that opens the gateway to abundance. Developing this practice and changing our perspective will open us up to all the possibilities in the Universe bringing a perennial flow of abundance and prosperity in our lives.

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On practicing abundance

  • In order to manifest abundance in our lives, we need to think abundance 24/7. This is not denial, but it is the first step to changing your reality. 
  • Abundance breeds power and trust. 
  • When you have abundance, you attract, you never pursue! You have enough of what you want and are in tune with the Source. 
  • Thoughts are vibrations, and what you receive in your life will be in tune with what you put out there. 
  • There has to be an alignment between the thoughts of the present you and that of the person you want to be in the future. 
  • An unwavering abundance mindset will be the beacon of light that will constantly guide you in your journey of success and realizing your coveted desires.