key insights on meditation and mindfulness (2/2)

key insights on meditation and mindfulness (2/2)
  • Meditating is simply sitting in silence and watching your thoughts. It’s not a one-stop remedy for the woes and challenges that we face. It’s a medium to get in tune with our thoughts. 
  • The best approach is to understand the nature of the mind and participate in a consistent practice without thinking about outcomes.
  • There is nothing as powerful and self-transforming as a daily practice of meditation. When we meditate every day, not only do we become more aware and are able to enjoy the present moment, but we also experience many mental and physical benefits. 
  • When we sit for a few minutes every day, we are able to tap into and experience our inner calmness and tranquility that we may not get access to otherwise. 
  • A daily meditation practice keeps us grounded and anchored to consistent well-being, which we strongly need in these chaotic modern times. 
  • With the practice of meditation, it’s best to understand the simple truth that we will always remain a beginner no matter how many hours or days of meditating we accrue during our lifetime. Every session is a blank slate when it comes to the mind. 
  • We can never become an expert in meditation and we can never do it wrong. Think of meditation as an experience, not a skill that you need to master. It’s all about relaxing and noticing your thoughts, nothing more than that.
  • There are different techniques that we can employ in our meditation practice. We can do them individually or combine them, based on what suits best for our needs. Here are some of them:
    • Counting breaths
    • Body scan
    • Noting
    • Mantra meditation
    • Visualization
  • A good and effective meditation practice requires consistency and faith. It is a great way to step inside, know your thoughts, and embrace your inner world. 
  • Meditation is not about doing anything, it’s simply about being, so just sit back, relax and be the observer.