knowledge without execution is useless

As I discussed yesterday, work towards creating a healthy balance of learning and taking actions daily. They both should complement each other. Only in that way, you’ll both sustain the inner coach in you and improve your learning curve.

Tracking your behaviors and journaling can be incredibly helpful as you embark on the journey of learning something new. After a day is over, in the evening time, enter your wins or losses using a Weekly Rhythm Register or any other behavior tracker, and then write down a few points summarizing your experiences and the lessons you learned. This discipline will act as a bridge between learning a skill and implementing it and really drilling down the fundamentals in your head. You’ll condition your mind to do more of the things that take you towards success. You’ll become aware of the negative behaviors that you have been performing and make it a priority to get rid of them.

In a nutshell, consume good knowledge and focus on learning, but unless you take action, all that knowledge will be useless.