learn about healthy eating

If you have been working from home or furloughed during the lockdown, you’ll have surely realized the advantages of having access to your own kitchen at all times during the day. While this is a good thing to have, the downside is that you might be having fake and unhealthy foods whenever you want in order to seek immediate comfort. It’s important that you nip this bad habit in the bud, otherwise, you’ll have to face some dire consequences, both in the short term as well as long-term. 

One of the best things that you can do for your overall health during this time is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. 

Now you may ask, what does a “healthy and balanced diet” actually mean? Well, on paper it sounds nice, but in reality, it’s a much difficult concept to grasp.

We’re all bombarded by countless messages, guidelines and advertisements with regard to food, and get both paralyzed and confused because of the conflicting information from different sources. That’s why it’s crucial that we take matters in our own hands, and start learning more about nutrition. Understanding the fundamentals and knowing how different food items impact our bodies and our minds is a good starting point.

These days, there are many useful apps, websites, and other resources available to provide detailed information about different foods. In addition, we can read books, listen to audio programs, stream video courses and watch documentaries whenever we have free time to learn more about different diets and educate ourselves about what foods we must include in our daily intake based on our personal preferences and requirements. If we want to dive deeper into this subject, we can also learn about the mind-body connection and how we can improve our mental and emotional health through diet and nutrition. 

Essentially, we must work towards developing a personalized diet plan for ourselves that suits us best and keep our distance from foods that can have a cumulative negative impact on our health.  

We don’t have to overhaul our diet overnight, instead, we can start small and cultivate tiny habits that improve our holistic health. For instance, a good place to start would be to gradually cut down our intake of unhealthy fat, sugar and processed foods, and instead start eating natural foods that boost our immunity and lower our stress levels.

It’s crucial that we overcome our cravings and temptations to indulge in comfort foods and treats in order to cope with difficult emotions. Instead of fighting our urges on a daily basis, I’ve realized that it’s much better to not bring these fake foods in our home in the first place and pursue healthier and safer alternatives to neutralize stress.

Prevention is better than cure. These are times when we must become proactive about consuming the right foods to safeguard our health. We are what we eat, after all. Learning more about nutrition-rich foods and doing our best to make healthier choices can surely pay dividends in the long run.