learn to embrace solitude

COVID-19, the novel virus has taken the whole world by storm. In the past several weeks, all our lives have changed drastically. The danger is real.

As surreal as it seems, these are times of physical distancing and social isolation. Everyone is a threat and it’s best to spend time in our own cocoon rather than going outside. 

Yes, staying socially distant can be extremely uncomfortable for most of us. But remember this key insight as you go through these turbulent times: There’s a great difference between feeling alone and being alone. Loneliness can be toxic, but solitude can be soothing and liberating.

When I first began working from home a couple of years back as a creative, it took me a while to get adjusted with the isolation. But over time I have gotten used to it and it doesn’t bother me anymore. In fact, this adaptability has been a strength for me in these current times as I find more comfort and joy in being alone.

There are several benefits we can all reap when we learn to enjoy our own company. Research has shown that men and women who find comfort in solitude are more open-minded, conscientious and agreeable. In addition, they’re overall less depressed.

So, if you’re someone who has struggled with spending time alone in the past, take advantage of this unexpected opportunity. Learn to embrace solitude. Do things that force you to sit with your thoughts, such as meditating, writing in a journal, participating in a creative project or some craftwork, or going for a long (and safe) walk in nature.

As you start loving solitude and experience the beauty of stillness firsthand, you’ll bring more purpose, intentionality and joy in your life. You’ll grow in unexpected ways and understand the value of distancing yourself from incessant distractions and temptations. You’ll learn the art of slowing down, cultivate awareness and over time be able to master your mental and emotional domains, further empowering yourself to live a happy, successful and self-reliant life.