legitimate discomfort

In order for us to grow and heal after a catastrophe strikes, we need to go through pain. That’s the way we become better. But we need to make sure that we don’t cause unnecessary pain for ourselves in this process. Pain can only serve us for so long; a better decision is to embrace discomfort.

When we expect and accept legitimate discomfort as a part of moving on, we are able to build boundaries around the pain that we experience.

Too much pain can stunt us and make our life difficult. When we subject more than necessary pain on ourselves, we keep ourselves away from healing and closure. Our growth and development lies in legitimate discomfort, not unnecessary pain.

Legitimate discomfort not only strengthens us as we face present problems, but it also prepares us for future challenges. Unlike the extraneous pain that we put ourselves through, it helps us progress ahead and diminishes over time as we reinstate order and stability in our lives.