less junk

We all have junk around us, in the nooks and crannies of our homes, workplace and our devices.

We get overwhelmed as we live with it and instead of taking corrective measures, we make tolerating it a daily habit. The cost of our inaction keeps compounding every day and if don’t keep it in check, it leads us to serious consequences later on.

Don’t have lofty goals, just aim to have less junk every day. Remove few items that no longer serve any purpose to you, whether they be physical or digital, out of your world.

Instead of choosing an existence filled with distractions, build a habit of eliminating daily to choose a life filled with space and freedom.

You need to let go of the notion of rolling up your sleeves and tackling the mountain of piled up junk, once and for all, one fine day. That day might never come.  

Don’t aim for perfection and delay the necessary work that needs to be done. Instead, aim for progress and reducing your junk day by day.

Build a habit of letting go rather than weaving a life around distractions. A little less junk every day will give you the much needed relief that you’ve been looking for in your everyday life.