let go of unrest

During times of unrest and chaos, it gets difficult to be the best versions of ourselves.

When we are engulfed with negative emotions, it gets challenging to show up with our best selves in our personal and professional lives. Our mind gets disturbed and our soul gets stirred, and it takes a while for things to settle.

No good work comes from a state of unrest. When we impose urgency on ourselves hoping that it will motivate us to accomplish the task in hand or propel us to bring a massive project to conclusion, we forfeit our brilliance and excellence. We get carried away by fear, anger or sadness stopping us from doing our best, high-quality work.

We need to let go of unrest and instead find ways to get back in touch with our inner peace and tranquility. Rather than using chaos as a means to do our best work, we need to step away from it. Instead of trying hard to reclaim our power, it’s best to detach and let it go. With time, we will regain our inner peace and power again.

It’s best to be patient and let peace arrive first — peace of our mind, peace of our soul. And then proceed.

With peace, everything will fall into place and we’ll be able to attain alignment again. Our tasks will get done easily and effortlessly, and things will start to happen organically and on time.

With peace, we will be able to trust the timing of events in our life, and embrace and appreciate our power when it comes back to us.   

With peace, we will be able to build a solid foundation and our best work and life will emerge organically from them.

Let things develop naturally, out of inspiration, and not out of motivation, haste and unrest.