letting go is a muscle

Letting go is not easy. It’s like a muscle, it takes time to build it.

We need to constantly put ourselves through pain, discomfort and resistance. It hurts in the beginning but with time as the muscle grows and becomes stronger, things get easier.

Not only do we need to learn the habit of letting go, but we also need to find ways to recover. Sometimes, it is essential to give ourselves rest periods so that we can heal and recover. Once we are re-energized, we can go back at it again.

There’s no hurry, we can take our time. We can start small and slowly build our way up. As we gather momentum by letting go of small, irrelevant things and gradually step up our game, we eventually make ourselves capable of letting go of things that are hard to part with — things that have sentimental value and trigger memories of our past. With time, we also equip ourselves to let go of toxic people and hollow friendships and relationships that no longer serve us.

On the other side of letting go, lies our freedom, and a life of self-reliance. In today’s day and age, our ability to letting go can be our secret superpower. As we let go of superfluous, we confront our truths and focus on essentialism. We design a life that is meaningful and impactful. We realize that everything is impermanent. We become fearless and bring courage and calm in our lives. We experience relief in its purest form.  

Even though letting go may be seem difficult at first and exercising it may make us sore in the process again and again, with time we realize that its benefits far outweigh the discomforts and sacrifices that we put ourselves through. We understand that letting go is crucial to strengthen our character and build our inner fortress as we face the peaks and valleys of life.