letting go of comfort (1/2)

Letting go of comfort is not easy but sometimes we do encounter difficult circumstances in this everchanging rollercoaster of life. There are times when we find ourselves in places and surroundings where our comfort is challenged. But here’s what I’ve realized from my previous experiences: We don’t choose discomfort, but discomfort chooses us, and in order to be better prepared we need to learn to be friends with it.

Let’s talk about comfort erosion and its importance. Comfort erosion means facing obstacles and constraints in the practical world with no immediate solutions to help us out. In those trying times, we have two choices, either to take a step back, kneel down, and live in helplessness or make the most of what we have and embrace bravery and courage.

Comfort erosion is also about learning to live in the moment. In spite of our infinite readiness, things will come up and our mental and physical faculties will be challenged, and we’ll find ourselves dealing with problems head-on. Access to our inner calm may get difficult, but it’s okay. With time and repetition, we’ll get better. Our desensitization to the external stimulus will build our foundation for success.

The best strategy for comfort erosion is tapping into our inner calm as much as we can and develop radical acceptance – of the environment and our lack of control over it, of the ripples caused within us, of the contrast, and learn to control our inner state of calm in spite of what hits us.