letting go of digital affirmation

Social media encourages us to put our most polished selves in display. For the world to like, love, comment and sometimes share with others. In a way, it’s good to show up as our best selves in digital platforms, but the problem arises when we get obsessed with perfection and use digital affirmation as a driver for posting. 

We get caught up in the race to get more likes and comments. And soon we start measuring our self-worth and value by the responses we generate. If the response is good, we feel good. If the response is bad, we feel bad. We end up giving our power away and let other people dictate our happiness.

It’s important that we let go of this unhealthy obsession, and distance ourselves away from the crutches of likes, comments and shares that we get. These digital responses are nothing but distractions that steal our attention and keep us away from truth. They deviate us from understanding virtues such as honesty, patience, self-awareness, and genuine feedback, which are crucial for our growth and well-being in this everchanging world. 

The sooner we get rid of this digital daze, the more we empower ourselves to show up as our best and authentic selves every single day.