like attracts like

like attracts like

We have seen numerous occurrences in nature and otherwise in our lives where things that are like each other tend to get together effortlessly. As the popular adage goes, “Birds of the same feather flock together.” This is the universal principle famously called as the Law of Attraction

Much has been said about the Law of Attraction in other books, so I will not go into much detail explaining its working. Alternatively, the skeptics who believe this Law as esoteric voodoo prefer to view this as the functioning of the reticular activating system (RAS) of the brain. Whether you consider this phenomenon as the Law of Attraction from the spiritual perspective or as the working of the RAS from the psychological perspective, we need to understand that it’s a fundamental law and it’s true. However, there is a slight edge in being spiritual. 

When we acknowledge the Law of Attraction, we become cognizant of our deeper mind and the Infinite Intelligence that runs the entire world, but when we think of RAS, we limit our perspective to a mere human psychological phenomenon. Hence, affirming and believing in the Law of Attraction and seeing its examples in our daily lives and in nature can prove to be enlightening for us. 

The Law of Attraction states that things of like nature attract each other. We need to understand that our thoughts are things too. Has it ever happened to you that a sudden negative thought came to your mind and then it got you down the rabbit hole of thinking other negative and self-critical thoughts about yourself, hence starting a chain reaction of negativity inside you? Yeah, that’s the way the Law of Attraction works! It can work either in our favor or against us. 

So, in order to get our thoughts on our side and be able to manage our moods and emotions better, understanding The Law of Attraction, mastering it and using it as a guide for our thoughts and actions can be a lifesaver and a game changer.

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