live like a king

live like a king

Most of us give up our power to external things. It’s sad, but true. 

It’s important that you look at your life closely and evaluate if you are living a wholesome life like a king or just passing through existence like a pawn.

We need to live a life focused on our purpose and shut off all the external noises that sway us away from it. We are all engulfed with distractions like misleading news, social media, toxic people and their gossips. Apart from these, we are also imprisoned by our own demons, energy blocks, unproductive and self-sabotaging behaviors and habits. As an outcome, we feel stuck and in spite of our repetitive efforts, we are unable to awaken the inner hero inside us.

We must fight these forces that keep us anchored in our previous patterns and stop us from living our truth and living a meaningful life that leads to glory. We need to be able to cut the strings for good so that we don’t live anymore like a puppet who has no control over the way he acts. 

The hard truth is that if we don’t design our lives, other people and the society will design it for us. So why not live a fearless and heroic life instead of giving up our power to the forces both inside and outside us that no longer serve us and our goals?

Time is passing by and now is the time to awaken the hero within you. No one else will make this change for you and it is your responsibility to change the course of your life and commit to becoming extraordinary and exceptional so that you are able to exude your untapped prowess and live a life of dignity and purpose.