live like no one else

There’s a popular quote by Dave Ramsey that I absolutely love, “Live like no one else so that later you can live and give like no one else.” It’s a great mantra for success in my opinion.

It basically means undergoing short-term pain for long-term gain. If we need to live like no one else in the future, we need to stay focused on our goal. Whether our goal is financial freedom, building a successful business or develop a location independent lifestyle along with world travel, we need to make some short-term sacrifices. 

If we want to live and give like no one else later, we need to let go of our “normal life”. We need to cut down our experiences and our conveniences, and become more deliberate with how we spend our time, money and energy. This is where choosing the life of an essentialist can serve us the most. 

We may need to go against the current; our friends, family and loved ones may wonder what’s going on with us, but we need to stay focused and keep our goal in perspective. If we want to attain long-term success and freedom from constraints, whether it be with regard to time, money or place, then we need to be proactive in our most important pursuits and let go of anything and everything that doesn’t serve to the accomplishment of our goals. In this case, the word ‘No’ is our secret weapon and our best ally. For instance, if we want to get out of debt and attain financial freedom, simply saying no to money-draining experiences, outings and purchases will keep us on track and accelerate our ascension towards our goal.

Breaking free from our current shackles is not easy and it requires grit, determination, patience and self-control. But in the long run, it’s absolutely worth it. As Dave Ramsey says, “No one accidentally wins at anything. You have to pay a price to win, and you don’t win if you don’t pay a price.”