living in accordance with logos

living in accordance with logos

“The person who follows reason in all things will have both leisure and a readiness to act—they are at once both cheerful and self-composed.”

 ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 10.12b

Like other ancient philosophers, Marcus Aurelius’ meditations too were built around the central aspect of logos. Logos, which roughly translates to reason, is considered as an essence that gives form and divine order to all the forms of life and the Universe. It reflects that all things happen for a reason.

Logos can be considered as an underlying master plan that orchestrates all the events that happen in this world, whether they are good or bad. We should have faith that all the things happening in our lives are happening for the best. The concept of logos encourages us to see a silver lining even when we are in the midst of chaos and storms of adversities.

Since everything is being governed by logos and by reasoning and order, it makes sense for us to approach everything in our lives with a calm and analytical mind rather than being swept away by our emotions and feelings. Human emotions, especially negative ones, can be a serious threat to reason. So, in your daily life, if you feel stressed or overwhelmed, then the best strategy is to meditate on logos and the grand scheme of things. 

We need to understand that both pain and suffering are a part of a bigger plan as well. When we complain about them, we disrespect and disregard the logos and that brings more pain and suffering to us. Instead, we should accept things the way they are and move on. When we trust logos, we get rid of all the fears: fears of death, pain and suffering. We stop hating the work that we do for a living and resenting and questioning our place in society. Because we truly believe that everything is a part of a grander, flawless plan.

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