lust and love

We are creatures of both lust and love. We oscillate between them from time to time. There’s no need to judge ourselves, it’s in our nature.

The trouble arrives when we pay too much attention to lust and shut the doors to love.

Lust is superficial, it is skin-deep. But love is deep, it penetrates our heart, our mind and our soul. Lust leads to temporary pleasures of the flesh. The hunger never ends. Love leads to a sweet joy within, and is detached from pleasure or pain.

We humans have both physical and spiritual sides, but most of us are driven by lust, not love. Some of us realize this mistake and find ways to contain lust and tap into love, some of us never do.

An interesting thing is that lust can be a part of love, but love can never be a part of lust, it’s much bigger and way more beautiful.

It’s our choice whether we want to invest in fleeting pleasures, or deep, enriching love that transcends all boundaries, literally and metaphorically.

Lust empties us while love fulfills us. A mistaken mind pursues lust while an enlightened mind attracts love.

Lust is a part and parcel of our society as we see it in hoardings, advertisements, and electronic media in our everyday life. Society promotes it because it’s a lucrative notion, and an easy ploy for effective seduction. As a result, most of us get tantalized and titillated falling into the lust trap only to regret later.

Love goes above and beyond lust. Like the sky above us that gets unnoticed sometimes but is always there above the clouds, love never leaves us. It links all of us in a subtle way. And it’s up to us to become aware of it and tap into it.

Lust is easy, love can get complicated sometimes. But while lust depletes us, love makes us a better version of ourselves.

We are not perfect beings, we do fall into the traps of lust from time to time, but we don’t need to judge ourselves, instead we need to take measures to appreciate love again.

No matter how much society glorifies lust and debauchery, we can understand that they are designed to be distractions for the uninitiated, tools to drive sales and profits. We can instead invest in ourselves and learn about our true human nature and the psychology of love.

Love can be simple but we are fooling ourselves if we believe it to be easy. Love has its ups and downs, like life, but in the end it’s worth it.

We have natural inclinations towards both lust and love, and it’s a choice that we have to make eventually, to make our interactions and romantic pursuits about lust or love. Lust may help us out in the short-term, but in the long run, love is what makes us grow and feel fulfilled and adds meaning to our lives.