make ‘feeling good’ a priority for yourself

Often times, we let our circumstances, the place we’re in, and the people that we meet and spend time with dictate our emotions and our level of happiness. It’s not easy for us humans, but we need to train ourselves to be happy no matter what conditions we are in.

Regardless of where we are, we need to make ‘feeling good’ a priority for ourselves. It’s best not to attach our emotions, feelings and identity with where we are right now.

If we feel negative emotions based on our current circumstances, we’ll make it difficult for ourselves to change them. But if we do things that help us get in touch with our happiness and start feeling good right here, right now, not only do we empower ourselves but also our uplifted mood can have a direct influence on manifesting better conditions for ourselves.

Choose happiness and feeling good first, and things will start to line up soon.