make your ‘thank you’s more meaningful

make your ‘thank you’s more meaningful
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

Thankfulness is key to success and abundance in all aspects of life. And so, “Thank you!” are two magic words that, when spoken, can make any situation brighter and better. However, there’s one catch. If empty and devoid of genuine emotion, these two words quickly lose their impact and significance.

When someone infuses “Thank you” with an intense and intentional feeling of gratitude in their heart, that’s when the magic starts to happen and their life begins to improve exponentially. And so, it’s crucial that we must ensure our words are not hollow but backed with actual feelings.

We’ve all come across people who have said, “Thank you” without any deliberate intention and feeling. We remain untouched and soon forget it. And we also meet certain people who utter the words “Thank You” with all of their hearts. The words somehow touch us and stay with us for a long time. Right?

The words are exactly the same in both these cases, the only difference is whether the words are saturated with a deep feeling of gratitude or not. When empty, we feel nothing. But when filled with genuine thankfulness, we instantly feel the warmth and the positive vibrations reaching us.

So say the words “Thank You” often and wherever possible. But also make sure that you add feeling to these words. Only then these words will truly soar and bring about unexpected miracles and serendipities in your life.