makers are not takers

Makers are artists worshipping their crafts. They value the journey of creating more than the creation itself.

Makers are able to tap into the abundance that the Source provides and transform ideas into art. The flow of creative energy while they work is what turns them on.

Makers are not motivated by money and/or fame. For them, success lies in getting the wonderful opportunity of being able to express their ideas through their art and sharing it with everyone. Makers are givers and believe in giving away their talents freely and openly. They are driven by impact and intention, not income. Money, for them, is a by-product of choosing the happiness of art and the art of happiness.

Makers have an abundance mindset. They are not worried that they will suffer a creative block or if their ideas will get stolen. They know that there are infinite ideas floating around and it’s all a matter of tuning into them and embarking on the satisfying journey of their execution.

Makers push the boundaries of human consciousness, they integrate and bring together entities from different realms and to make ever-fascinating creations. For them, believing is seeing.

They are able to see what others don’t see. And they want to share their vision, the perspective that they have been gifted with and the wisdom that they have garnered in creative accessible forms so that others are able to elevate their vibrations and open their minds.

They give a sense of sight to people who are blinded by the norms and the daze of normal.

They stretch the ordinary and bend realities.

Makers need support, acceptance, and exposure. We need to take care of them because, quite frankly put, they are the gems amongst us.

They facilitate the conduits through which new ideas get introduced in the physical world; the ideas that have great potential to impact humanity and change perceptions. They use their gifts of observance and creativity to bring happiness and joy to people.

Makers make the world beautiful. They work so that humanity always remains on its toes and never settles.

They are the silent guardians of the evolution of human consciousness. They enhance the strength and elasticity of human potential.  

Makers are driven to leave a legacy behind them to uplift and benefit the future generations and make the world a better place for them.