making friends with our mind

As we embark on the journey of mindfulness and awareness, we are also making friends with our mind and the collective consciousness. We are getting in better touch with our Inner Being which positions us to make better friends with the people around us.

Whenever we sit down to meditate, it’s not always straightforward and easy to be at peace and in alignment with our own mind. Our mind can sometimes get difficult and challenging like an annoying guest or a difficult sibling. But the truth of the matter is that we can never run away from our mind, it’s always with us. So, the only way left is to find an avenue to team up with our mind. That’s why the best and most effective way to progress forward is to understand it. We need to cultivate a friendliness towards our mind, even when we experience those difficult and challenging thoughts and feelings.

Mind is after all mind, isn’t it? We can seek solace in the fact that the nature of mind for all of us is same, even when each of us is unique. We all share this same condition of human nature, and we all go through challenges and difficult experiences that if not same are quite similar. So, when we make friends with our mind and make peace with the difficult aspects of our own mind, we cultivate more acceptance and patience towards it.

Whether it is our mind or that of someone else, we cultivate empathy and become more understanding of what it is going through. When difficult aspects arise in other people’s minds, we are not necessarily surprised or shocked by this occurrence. Instead of being resistant, we become kinder to the other person and spend more time with them without judging or criticizing them.