meditation naps

Between bursts of tasks that are mentally and creatively demanding, it’s advisable to take breaks to recover. You can add another layer of rejuvenation that can make you feel refreshed and replenished in a short time frame by taking (what I call) meditation naps. It’s a quick mindfulness retreat when you’re on the go.

During breaks, sit or lie down, and play a short meditation on YouTube or any meditation apps ranging from 3-10 minutes , close your eyes and listen to it. An alternative way is to play a soothing and inspirational video (my go to are Abraham-Hicks’ videos on YouTube) and soak yourself in them. These meditation naps work magically to get a much need relaxation and pick me up as we progress through our work days. It also works great for other times during the day when we feel tired or exhausted, or during transitional periods, for instance, returning home after a hectic day at work. They work like a charm and I’m sure they’ll help you get relaxed, refreshed and ready to go for the next thing in no time.