momentum and flow [2/2]

momentum and flow [2/2]

If we stop pedaling, i.e., taking inspired actions consistently, we will lose our momentum causing us to reach a standstill. We will be back to square one. Now, to again get the bicycle moving, we will have to put tons of our time and effort again so that we are able to move forward, achieve our balance and be able to build momentum.

As we discussed previously, going with the flow of our Inner being and the Source within us makes things easier and better for us. The same applies for building momentum as well. Imagine you’re riding the same bicycle in San Francisco. Now when you’re on top of a steep uphill street, even with a slight nudge you’ll be able to ride faster as you come down the street. The flow is with you and you’ll be able to attain a higher speed easily and hence build up a huge momentum. But when the situation gets reversed,and you’re supposed to bike uphill, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and energy to get started. You’ll build up momentum, but it’ll take a lot out of you to sustain it. You’ll be riding in fits and starts — you may need to stop and start over and over again when you feel exhausted and you won’t be able to build a solid and strong momentum.

That’s how it works for building momentum in any endeavor. When we act in alignment with our Inner Being, we’ll accrue momentum rapidly taking us towards better well-being and results. It’s as simple as that. The ride will be smoother and much more pleasant.

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