money is a magnifying glass

Money magnifies your true nature.

If you’re a generous person, you become more giving. If you’re a compulsive and impulsive spender, you become better at splurging on irrelevant things.

It’s a worthy goal to have tons of money and become rich. But before that, the wisest thing that we can do for ourselves (and our loved ones) is to train ourselves how to use our money effectively.

We need to learn how to budget before the start of every month so that every dollar that we earn has a purpose and destination. We need to cultivate the virtuous habits of giving, saving and investing before we spend.

No matter how much money we have right now, the only way to consistent riches — both materially and spiritually speaking — is better self-management.

Work hard on yourself right now and strive to become a virtuous person, so that your money works hard for you later on and you become wealthy in the truest sense.