moving forward (3/4)

Now that you have completed your end of year and end of decade reviews, congratulate yourself. 

These are some crucial steps you have taken to enhance your success and well-being. Many people would be skipping these steps and they might not even realize that they are off course until an incredible amount of time has passed and they’re amidst a crisis with very few resources left and their life on the rocks. But not you!

I would like you to take this opportunity to appreciate yourself for taking these steps and for being mindful about the importance of being conscious and “aware”, and in alignment with the lessons that you’ve learned so far, as you take the journey of life forward. 

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I’m sure you’re not inclined to living an insane life, right?

If you want things to be different, you need to change. An inspiring insight that we can all internalize for a better life is: Our past does not equal our future. As Darren Hardy shares, “No matter your past, your future is absolutely spotless.” Tomorrow is a new day. As you wake up and open your eyes, you have a blank canvas in front of you. You can choose to paint a different picture tomorrow with whatever colors you want than what you have painted so far. 

As I have previously discussed, one of the most important skills that we all must develop is course-correction. You can hit the “reset” button on your life at any time; this is a key advantage that we humans have over other beings on this planet. In one of his motivational speeches, Jim Rohn said, “Humans are unique. We are the only species who can completely change the course of our lives. Ants can’t do it, alligators can’t and lions can’t. If a goose wanted to fly west instead of south for the winter, it couldn’t. All other animals besides humans are directed entirely by impulse written into their genetic code. As a human, if you don’t like the story of your life thus far, you can rip up the script and write a completely new one.”

I would urge you to make NOW your turning point. Let this year be all about creating a positive and lasting change in yourself and your life.