my new morning routine (2020 edition) - [3/3]

my new morning routine (2020 edition) - [3/3]

With the coffee mug in my hand, I go to my work desk and begin with the first part of my recalibration process, wherein I read my mission statement, go through the tasks that I need to accomplish that day as per my weekly plan (inspired by my mentor Darren Hardy’s Sunday Planning System) and my calendar, and track the one important habit I’m trying to cultivate for the current 90-day cycle using my personal habit tracking system (including a 30-day Seinfeld calendar for the current month).

Once I’m done with that, I fire on my laptop computer. I quickly check my “morning mentorship” emails (I’ve sorted these via a filter in Gmail and access it via a bookmark shortcut on Chrome so that I don’t get distracted by other emails). I read the quote for the day from the Notes to Inspire series by Simon Sinek, the recent entry from Seth Godin’s blog, and then lastly open and watch DarrenDaily (daily mentoring session by Darren Hardy) for the day. Then, I read an essay from The Daily Apple. It helps me re-learn the insights, ideas, and lessons that I’ve previously written and packaged for you. I’m on the same journey as you.

After that, I start my first work jam session that comprises mainly writing tasks for my blogs and any other projects. This jam session basically consists of two 45-50 minute uninterrupted sessions with a 5-10 minute rest in between (I eat a quick breakfast in this interval), lasting anywhere from 100 to 120 minutes in total.

Once I’m done with that, I head to the bathroom where I take care of my grooming and hop in for a shower. (Side Note: I have made a rule to not use my smartphone in the bathroom).

Post-shower, I do some basic tidying up while listening to the Daily Stoic podcast and make sure things are organized and kept in their respective places. After that, I read the meditation for the respective day from The Daily Stoic book, written by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, followed by quick affirmations and visualization sessions, which take around 5 minutes total. Then, I make some green tea for myself, and get started with the second work jam session immediately. (If I’m short on time, I just listen to the podcast, make some green tea and get straight to my work). My current goal is to finish at least two work jam sessions before lunch time. 

. . .

So that has been my morning routine for the past few months. I hope it inspires you and gives you a framework on which you can build your own routine. This year has been a roller coaster journey for all of us, and if you’re struggling to adapt to the new normal, I highly recommend creating morning and evening routines to get some groundedness back in your life. Of course, if you want more useful ideas, tools and strategies, you can check out my book Thriving in the New Normal

Everyone is unique and I’m sure you may have a different perspective on how you would like to establish your own morning routine. Feel free to carve out your personal one based on what suits you best. 

Like I have said earlier, I keep experimenting and trying new behaviors, tools and strategies that I learn, thus tweaking my morning routine letting it evolve over time. I would suggest you be open-minded and always willing to experiment as well, and try new things that you think may help you enhance your interior empires, make you more creative and productive, and get you closer to the expression of your genius. 

If you feel inspired and would like to start your own morning routine, just go for it, no need to wait! As the popular Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” It’s the best decision you’ll ever make both for your personal and professional life. Good luck and be safe!