myths and misconceptions about sex

myths and misconceptions about sex

“Modern media and popular culture tell us that young single people are dining at a buffet of almost unlimited sexual options — and doing sex ‘right’ means taking advantage of those opportunities.” 

― Rachel Hills, The Sex Myth

The ideas of sexually active singles, same-sex marriages and open relationships are widely accepted in society at this moment. Even though we may think that people are more sexually active today than ever, that’s actually not true.

It’s a myth that there are no longer any taboos for sex-positive people, but there are still some fetishes and sexual behaviors that are considered unacceptable. There is still a lot of confusion among people with regard to what is and what isn’t normal. An example of a sexual taboo right now is that of premature ejaculation; this causes a great pressure on men to perform. 

The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality by [Rachel Hills]

Sex is strongly integrated into our lives not only because of our biological impulse but also because of our society and culture. A great evidence is the various degrees and expressions of human attraction seen in different cultures and societies around the world. Interestingly, even in the countries where sexual freedom is encouraged, a tiny percentage of the adult population identify themselves as homosexuals and bisexuals. We, humans, like to be part of a group, and that’s why we adapt our sexuality to the social norms. Unfortunately, this leads to having societal pressures and developing meaningless anxieties. 

Along with that, because of the media, the benchmark of having a great sexual experience has highly increased, and we feel unfulfilled when we are not able to meet those standards. The pressure to perform is higher than ever, and various companies exploit this fact to market their products and services. 

We need to stop making sex an anxiety-inducing experience. Instead of taking things seriously, take it easy, relax and have fun! Our focus should be on enjoying each other’s bodies and having a pure, pleasurable and blissful experience. The best way to have a happy and fulfilled sex life is to be honest, genuine and let go of all the unnecessary self-judgments, inhibitions and fears that stop us from enjoying the precious moments of togetherness.

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