navigating the winds of change

navigating the winds of change

Change is inevitable and we may find ourselves in the midst of one as life flows. Sometimes, the winds of change are like a breeze, and sometimes they may show up as tropical storms.

Because we’re not sure certain if a change is happening for good or not, we resist it. Even though we had been waiting for it for a long time, when it actually happens, we try escaping it. We try to shelter ourselves from it hoping things will calm down soon and our old life will be restored again. But we find ourselves not prepared and willing to face life after this change and embrace the ‘new normal’. We guard ourselves so much that we are not able to connect with the new environment.

In those times of doubt, difficulty, and confusion, we need to let go, surrender and take it easy. We are being too hard on ourselves and beating ourselves up for no reason. Change is the way of life, and we need to understand that whenever it happens, it is guided by a Higher Power that has some strong motive behind it. We need to trust this power and trust that the change is happening for good. If the change is disruptive, that means we’re progressing ahead. Our souls will expand and our minds will evolve unlocking new possibilities.

All we need to do is pray to this Higher Power to impart us wisdom in the midst of this change and let go of the resistance towards it. Even if things don’t make any sense right now, we need to open ourselves to this morphosis, and believe that the new place where we have landed will work out for us much better than the previous one. We can pray to this Higher Power to give us the inner resilience and strength to be able to surrender, trust and accept these winds of change without any judgment, complaint, or resentment.