negativity is a waste of energy and vitality

negativity is a waste of energy and vitality

“Staying positive in stressful situations isn’t about fooling yourself, it’s about understanding that negativity is a waste of energy.”

― Unknown

Our mind is like the engine of the body, similar to the engine of the car in your garage. And while we know how to use our car engine efficiently, most of us have no clue about how to use our own minds properly. 

Entering a negative state consistently is like having a malfunctioning engine. The mind starts racing with thoughts of all kinds 24/7 taking a toll on our body. Toxic emotions such as anger, hate, resentment, worry, and guilt use enormous quantities of energy and vitality. It’s not too different from leaving your car idling in the parking garage all day long; in the evening when you need to get back home, your car won’t start as it has run out of fuel. 

That’s why it’s crucial that we gain a clear understanding of how our mind works and take immediate measures whenever necessary to get it back on track. 

We must train ourselves to take a step back and focus on the space between the stimulus and our response to it. We must learn how to slow down the mind, and eventually figure out how to turn off the ignition switch and park it quietly whenever travel isn’t required. This will help us conserve our precious life force and vitality — the fuel that we need to accomplish worthwhile goals.