new beginnings

Life cruises from one phase to another, and as we witness this change, it’s usually a bittersweet experience for us. We experience varying emotions: fear, sadness, excitement, and happiness to name a few.

Some refrain from living in the present embracing the new change, and instead live in their memories to make themselves happy, while some are overjoyed with what the future will bring with the change. In either case, they are scared to embrace the present moments, the rawness of the new experience and get acquainted with the unfamiliar.

New beginnings make our life worthwhile. Without them, we remain stuck and stagnated. Our perception towards them influences the path of life we walk through. New beginnings translate into two essential steps: letting go of the past, and accepting the unknown without any expectations. The unknown may be scary, but it’s important.

For the uninitiated, new beginnings are either blessings or ordeals. Detaching emotions from new beginnings helps us embrace them. It keeps us in the mindset that the path is constantly unfolding before us, and we are not stuck in one place. When we make new beginnings as a way of life, we make our journeys our focal point, not our destination.

Our expansion requires new beginnings because, without them, there is no growth.