not overwhelming others with our mission

Don’t overwhelm others with your life mission, it’s not worth it. Chances are they won’t be able to understand your passion in the way you them to. If we persist with unloading our mission on other people’s lives, they will start developing a resistance towards it and eventually towards interacting with us.

It’s nice to believe that you can force someone to change. But each of us have our own unique life stories and unique passions that appeal to us. We can seek others’ support but not command them to follow our path.

We need to make a line in the sand so that we don’t let our life mission affect and overwhelm others. Instead, all we can offer is a gentle guidance by living as an example of what we stand offer. When we practice what we preach, others become more willing to listen to us.

We need to let people take their time to understand our mission. And even if they don’t, it’s okay. We can’t let other people’s opinions and oppositions influence us and sway us away from our path. But we can gradually and steadily attract others over time so that they are able to see our path more clearly and let them join us if they wish to do so.

With time, they may understand the value of our mission and our work. And when they do, we can open our arms and welcome them so that they get to experience our way of living and understand its value and significance firsthand.