not taking things too seriously

If life is getting all about work, finishing errands and fulfilling your responsibilities and everyday duties, then you’re stepping away from the juiciness of life.

When we only focus on work and the daily grind, and not on fun, our life gets out of whack. We need to bring a sense of play in our lives to attain balance.

If we take things too seriously, and simply focus on following our everyday protocols, we lose touch with the playfulness and fun within us.

Do something everyday for at least five to ten minutes a day that makes you laugh, whether it be watching a comedy show, movie or a few silly but fun videos on YouTube, reading jokes online or listening to a funny podcast.

When we only pay attention to work, not play, we start taking even tiny things and incidents seriously getting ourselves into the downward spiral. We end up becoming worse versions of ourselves.

In the grand scheme, both work and play are important to live a balanced and fulfilling life. Incorporating play is not something that we need to put on our wish lists, it’s a necessity.

If we don’t want our heart and soul to get rusty, we need to bring play in our daily life. It acts as a lubricant to help keep our life moving ahead smoothly without any fits and starts.

Stop being a busy bee and get some laughs in. Having fun is your birthright, and enjoying good laughs is a gift that you give to yourself. Invite play in your life, every single day. It not only soothes you but also brings the balance and joy that you’ve been craving for in our lives.

We become light hearted and stop taking everything so seriously. It’s a win-win both for ourselves and the people with whom we interact on  a daily basis.

There have been phases in my life where I have taken things too seriously and entered the ‘intense’ mode. Looking back, I can say with absolute confidence that those things didn’t even matter as much as I thought they would. I deprived myself of play and focused on ‘working hard’, but it made me miserable and my life became nothing but a monotonous and unsatisfying ride.

Play is important if you want to live a balanced and happy life. If you think you’re feeling overwhelmed, listen to music, dance or call a friend and share some funny incidents and laugh. It’ll instantly help you release the negative stagnant energy within you and get you in touch with your inner child.

Bring play in proper proportions in your life and it will help you experience steadiness and stability within you regardless of the external events and what’s going on in your life.