nothing fails like success

Most of us work hard, some even work smarter, and are eventually able to experience and enjoy the coveted peaks of success. But if we lose our awareness and sense of direction in this process, we let that success inflate our egos and mess with our mind and our mission.

Success is not a destination that once you reach, your work is done. It’s a constant never-ending journey that we need to engage in every single day.

Attracting success is one thing but sustaining it is a whole different ball game. You can’t spend your life reiterating your past successes. Life keeps going and we need to strive to garner new successes every day.

Success is fueled by the momentum of our actions and our pursuit of excellence. If we let go of them, our momentum will slow down, and our success will fade away with time.

We can find ways to attract people to our businesses and our lives, but if we stop respecting and honoring them, they will eventually go somewhere else.

Success doesn’t mean settling, success means moving forward. Not only do we need to work towards attaining greater success every single day but we also need to prepare ourselves for it.  

We can detach from the achievements that we already have under our belt and keep focusing on our Karma, our actions. Actions fuel success, inaction and procrastination deteriorate it.

Don’t let the glory, popularity and attention throw you off your path. You need to show up every day and give your best to your work, your health, your relationships, your finances, no matter what. Because when you retire and stop doing the good work, your success retires too.