nothing lasts forever

Nothing is permanent in this world. If we zoom out and see, we’ll realize that everything is ephemeral, and the end always comes, sooner or later. 

As much as we enjoy getting wrapped up and busy with our day-to-day tasks, the truth is our life will eventually end. And this applies to all that we go through in our life as well — good or bad, happiness or despair, success or failure, fitness or illness, celebration or crisis.

We like to believe that we’re invincible, that we’re immune to catastrophes or any adversities, that all the amazing things will continue to flow into our life in perpetuity; but living like this is nothing but delusion.

Everything has an end. One important truth that we can all learn and remind ourselves constantly is nothing lasts forever. No matter what times we go through, awful or awesome, we can whisper to ourselves, “this too shall pass.” This realization will help us immensely in living in the moment. 

Be present. Embrace the moment while it’s in front of you. Breathe life into what you’re going through right now. And accept this journey of life for what it is — a limited time that we get to spend on this planet.

We all have an atomic existence. And it’s best to not wait for special occasions to show love and respect to the important people in our life. We can show our warmth and give our presence and attention to our friends and loved ones any day of the year, it doesn’t have to be their birthdays, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Don’t wait for some imaginary time in the future when you’ll finally start working on your dream project, or when you’ll start creating a positive change or cultivating a better habit, that time may never come.

Today matters. Say beautiful words today, change your behaviors today, take meaningful actions today, and keep doing that every day. Seize the day, seize the present moment.