now is a good time to reflect on your life

Smart people who take up key leadership roles don’t immediately start barking out commands. No, they take their sweet time to get a clear picture of the reality in front of them. They focus their first few weeks on important meetings and briefings that give them more sense of what they’re dealing with it. The same applies to you as well. You are in charge of your life and personal development, and that’s why jumping into action and getting “busy,” without getting a lay of the land first can be disastrous. Many of us unfortunately learn this the hard way.

Reflection is key to living a happy, joyous and successful life. It’s akin to holding a mirror up to see ourselves (and our current situation) so that we are able to get a clear snapshot of where we are right now. And the best and most effective way to reflect on ourselves and see the reality clearly for what it is to spend some time journaling.

Journaling allows us to write down our anxieties and worries and process our fears. It gives us an opportunity to explore our thoughts, re-discover our hopes and dreams, or just review our days and contemplate things that we’re grateful for.

The act of journaling is also incredibly helpful in our personal development. Jim Rohn pointed out that daily journaling not only brings clarity to us but also helps us solve problems and make positive changes in our life.

Carl Gustav Jung once said, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” When we employ journaling to reflect on our lives, we think more clearly and realize where we may be living out of alignment with respect to our highest values and priorities, and are able to take concrete steps to fix that.

This lockdown that we are all going through is a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on our lives and assess where we stand. So, without any delay, work towards making journaling a daily habit. I’m confident it’ll add immense value to your success and your life in these challenging times.