one day at a time

Sometimes, we don’t exactly know where we’re going in our lives. Our path becomes hazy. Our questions go unanswered and doubts and fears start overpowering us. Even if we don’t see the road ahead we need to keep going. Because that’s what our life and our well-being demands of us.

There are times when we can’t see the bigger picture. But we need to have faith that everything will line up and we’ll be able to connect the dots in the future. Instead of worrying and filling ourselves with fears and apprehensions, all we can do is trust the Higher Power and take some simple actions every day.

We need to take one day at a time. As Melody Beattie writes in her book The Language of Letting Go, “Simple acts, done daily in accordance to God’s will for us, lead to a Grand Plan for our life.“

If we were to watch just five minutes of a movie it won’t make a whole lot of sense to us. We would be totally disconnected from the story. If we were to watch a sculptor making a piece of art for only a few moments, and pay attention only to a little portion that she is working on, it would look like a disfigured rock to us and we won’t be able to appreciate its beauty and form.

We have a similar limited perspective as we go through our life, mainly during difficult and tumultuous times. It’s easier said than done, but we need to have faith that something valuable is being worked out, both in ourselves and our lives.

We can bring appreciation in our daily lives and do the actions that we are supposed to do. Stagnancy is not an option that we have.

We need to have faith that with time, clarity and insight will come. We need to believe that everything has a purpose and trust that the events happening in our life are not random and unplanned.

No one is mad or angry at you, you are just being prepared for something great that you’re not able to see right now. You’re being prepared for a better life, a life that fulfills you and gives you an immense amount of meaning and satisfaction. Just surrender, go with the flow, and trust the process.