our brain is like a muscle

As we can develop our chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps in the gym by lifting dumbbells and barbells or simply by doing bodyweight exercises, we can strengthen and grow our brain as well.

We need to ensure that we constantly work towards challenging it and expanding its limits, and use it the way titans and superachievers do. The better neural connections due to our efforts can lead to better performance, productivity, intelligence, memory and influence.  

The brains of London taxi drivers were studied and it was found that the part responsible for spatial reasoning — the hippocampus — was found to be significantly larger in them as compared to the brains of regular people; the simple reason being that they had to internalize and remember the complex street system in the city. Like working out in the gym, the cab drivers flexed their hippocampi every single day as they drove. As a result i,t became bigger and stronger.

This is a great example that illustrates the power of our human brain and the notion of neuroplasticity. We all have this advantage with us. If we choose, we are all capable of stretching, strengthening and sculpting our brain so that it help us live a more optimized life.

Newer studies in neuroscience that have emerged reveal brain’s natural ability to breed new neurons, also called neurogenesis.

Let go of the limiting beliefs and the thoughts that limit the potential of your brain and you. Just remember that your brain is like a muscle and you have the power — no matter where you live, how old you are or what you have experienced in your life so far — to work on the malleability and muscularity of your brain. As your brain becomes more flexible and strong simultaneously with discipline, consistency and grit, you’ll be able to tap into your inner genius and cultivate an out-of-this-world mastery.