persistence is key to accumulating fortune

persistence is key to accumulating fortune
Photo by Rosie Kerr / Unsplash
“Temporary defeat should mean only one thing: the certain knowledge that there is something wrong with your plan. Millions of men go through life in misery and poverty, because they lack a sound plan through which to accumulate a fortune.” — Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

In his quest to invent the electric light bulb, Thomas Edison faced numerous setbacks and failures. However, he always viewed these as temporary defeats. Rather than wallowing in despair and quitting, he doubled down and approached each failure as an opportunity to learn and refine his plans. In the end, through countless iterations and adjustments, he eventually succeeded in creating a practical and commercially viable light bulb, revolutionizing the world.

Temporary defeat, as Napoleon Hill put it, is not permanent failure. It’s just a sign that you need to come up with a better plan that actually works. Successful people never give up and give in. They rebuild and start anew, learning from their setbacks and refining their strategies.

Before J.K. Rowling became a household name for her immensely popular Harry Potter series, she faced numerous rejections and setbacks. Her initial manuscript was rejected by multiple publishers, leading her to reevaluate her plans and seek alternative paths. Rather than abandoning her dreams, Rowling rebuilt her plans and persevered. Her resilience paid off, and she eventually found success with a publisher who recognized the immense potential within her stories.

J.K Rowling became a phenomenon in the publishing world and accumulate incredible fortune not only because of her remarkable mind but also because she adhered to a potent plan that worked like “magic” for her. Is it true that there are hundreds of thousands of people all around the world, each having an outstanding IQ and a better educational background than Rowling’s? You bet! Still, they’re all poor and live in dire circumstances because they don’t possess the right strategic plan for accumulating riches.