personal growth is an easy path

So many of us think that personal growth is hard. We think about the overwhelming number of books that we have to read, the difficult courses that we have to take, and the countless speeches that we have to listen to. We think understanding different aspects of life, learning new things, correcting our previous behaviors and mistakes, and healing ourselves is hard and daunting, and as a result, either we don’t do anything, we run away from it or we procrastinate going down the death spiral of indecision. We prefer being stagnant and mediocre rather than choosing to become a better version of ourselves and carving a much aligned and joyous life for ourselves. 

No matter what reason or excuse we might have to think that personal growth is a hard and bumpy road, the truth is that it isn’t. 

We don’t have to look anywhere else besides the nature that surrounds us. Do you see a tree struggling and stressing to grow? Do you see the bushes around you straining themselves for their growth? Come across a flower today, a rose, a sunflower or a lotus, do you see it pushing, forcing and toiling hard to bloom? Of course not. 

What we humans have to understand is that our growth can happen as easily, as effortlessly, as naturally, as elegantly, as certainly and as purposefully as the acorn turns into a beautiful oak tree, or as the pristine shoots break from the soil, later forming buds, and eventually forming fully opened flowers that share their beauty with everyone around. 

Personal growth is a simple and easy path. The first step is to make a commitment to growth, to life, to opening our mind and our heart, and to fully resolve to embark on this wonderful journey. And then it’s all about taking a few steps every single day. That’s it.

With time, our growth — mental, physical, emotional and spiritual — will happen naturally and easily.