planting the seed of hope

Hope can be a magical thing in our lives. It can help us move forward and imagine a better future for ourselves. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about how some people take important actions in their lives because they are motivated by fear, while others take those same key actions, because they’re inspired by hope. 

It’s better to be in the latter group as much as we can. Fear does help us make radical changes in our life, however it can be a negative influence in our lives. It keeps us away from stillness and we may have a hard time going through the pain that comes with it.

On the other hand, hope helps us focus on the long-term gains. It empowers us to look past our current circumstances with the belief that we have a brighter and positive future waiting for us. Just to clarify, hope isn’t wishing about good things that might be, it’s having a firm unwavering belief in the good things that will be. 

It’s naive to think that we can bring monumental positive changes in our lives in an instant. We have to get rid of this microwave mentality, and to help ourselves out with this, we can simply look at the nature around us.

An acorn becomes a sapling eventually turning into a mighty oak tree by growing gradually over time. And the same applies for us humans. An infant grows into a toddler, then into a child, eventually becoming an adult. There’s only progress and growth, and the same applies for hope as well. It only looks forward. 

Planting the seed of hope is simple and straightforward. It’s all about changing our mindset and perspective. When we begin to believe growth is possible and inevitable, and commit to pursue it constantly, we birth hope within us, and it starts growing over time. All we have to do is look forward and focus on positivity and opportunity. And as we start moving forward, and as hope rises within us over time, by design we start leading a satisfying and rewarding journey.