practice abundance 24/7

practice abundance 24/7

We must practice abundance in every aspect of our lives. Abundance breeds power and trust. When you have abundance, you attract, you never pursue! With abundance, you have enough of what you want and are in tune with the Source. 

As previously discussed, visualization is an amazing, life changing process, which if done daily, will take you to another level of existence. Repeated visualization will train your thoughts and condition you in such a way, that your reality will undergo a makeover. 

Often, because of the lack mindset, we believe that deep down we are unworthy of all the great things we want to bring in our lives. But when you visualize that you’re driving your favorite sports car or are on a vacation to an exotic destination with your ideal partner, you bring that into your reality.

Thoughts are vibrations, and what you receive in your life will be in tune with what you put out there. There has to be an alignment between the thoughts of the present you and that of the person you want to be in future. An unwavering abundance mindset will be the beacon of light that will constantly guide you in your journey of success and realizing your coveted desires. 

Embrace abundance and let go of the misery and despair that comes with lack; this will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make!