practicing minimalism in relationships

Every successful person is very conscious and deliberate with regard to the people they surround themselves with. They understand the power of associations and that’s why they are very intentional about who they choose as friends, romantic partners, and people that they work with. They know that the potential dangers of having wrong influences around them. They know that becoming a high-achiever in their work and life is all about energy management, and so they do all that they can to stay away from energy-sucking vampires, gossip mongers, and time-wasters. In other words, they choose the path of minimalism in their relationships as well. As Joshua Fields Millburn puts it, “You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.”

There are many people that prefer quality over quantity when it comes to relationships. But only a handful of those cultivate the mindset of a minimalist and actually make the extra effort to be selective about the people that they surround themselves with. Much like the curator of artworks in a museum, they become the curator of the people in their lives. They only look after and preserve the relationships that help them stay focused on their most important priorities and propel them to become better versions of themselves. 

Becoming a minimalist is not only about downsizing and exclusively owning things that add meaning and joy in our life. It’s also about the quality of people that you surround with. There’s no point in having people around us who don’t appreciate our journey, who are not supportive of where we are right now, where we are going and who we are striving to become. 

As Lewis Howes shares, “The biggest shift I’ve ever made in my life has been the people I have surrounded myself with. I keep a pretty small circle of people close to me. They are my core team who I trust to give me feedback, keep me on track and support me in my vision. That’s the kind of minimalism that creates real results. It’s a lifestyle you can start living today.”